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February 24, 2019: Eyes On You
Northern Hawk Owl in British Columbia
Credit & Copyright: Jim Wickless from Lincoln, NE
Eyes On You: "A Northern Hawk Owl in a raging snowstorm over a blueberry field."

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2019-02-24 13:34:18
Someone from Somewhere about 5years ago said:
If only you knew what we think about today's human species....
Sweetpea from Somewhere about 5years ago said:
I'm on Vancouver Island Jim. I might look out for this owl. They surely are magic.
Jim Wickless from Lincoln Nebraska about 5years ago said:
Thanks everyone, for your very kind remarks! This owl was photographed near Vancouver BC last week. It's rare to see this species that far south as its customary range is in Alaska and northern Canada.
Sweetpea from Somewhere about 5years ago said:
It takes Jim to bring back the comments. How is Lucille, Jim? :)
EF Grant from IN about 5years ago said:
Wickless is back-- he is the 5 star standard I measure against!
Howie from Neew England about 5years ago said:
6 star photo! I've seen many owl photos, but this is amongst the top 5. Incredible.
Betsy from VA about 5years ago said:
Owls are difficult to photograph. Another masterpiece, Jim!
Betsy from VA about 5years ago said:
Outstanding, Jim! As a birder I have found owls to be challenging to photograph. Another masterpiece!
Renee from PA about 5years ago said:
Fabulous! We missed you!
rob barrett from minneapolis about 5years ago said:
wonderful, wondered if we lost you jim
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