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April 24, 2020: Night Walk
A still lake on a Minnesota night
Credit & Copyright: Rob Barrett, Jr. from Eden Prairie, MN
Night Walk: At the risk of vexing two greats: "Well it's a marvelous night for a walk in the trusty woods, with the stars up above in your eyes. And oh the wonder, felt the lightning and waiting on the thunder."

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2020-04-24 17:30:38
Rob Barrett from Minneapoils about 4years ago said:
Now you're just playing with me.
Nate from NPOD HQ about 4years ago said:
Good one Ken! Rob, that's "Night Moves" from Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band.
Ken from Ohio about 4years ago said:
Rob - you should look out past the cornfields, where the woods got heavy!
Rob Barrett from Minneapolis about 4years ago said:
Nate and julia, you lost me. I don't know those quotes. Fill me in.
Nate from NPOD HQ about 4years ago said:
Nice Julia!
Julia from Vancouver,BC about 4years ago said:
Funny how the night moves :)
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