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October 29, 2023: Fall Sprinkles
Larch in Idaho
Credit & Copyright: NPOD
Fall Sprinkles: Western Larch pepper the forest in northern Idaho. Can you spot them?

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2023-10-29 09:33:48
Chavis Junior from Nashville,TN about 1 month ago said:
I stumbled upon your account and think it is awesome. I do a daily post where I send a Bible verse, quote, and definition every day to a group and I%u2019ve done this for a while. Needing a break from the mini post daily I was thinking of a shot of nature to find beauty in the world. Is there any way I can use your shots. Maybe draw more attention to this website. I am ok if you choose to decline but I think the brief time on your page you have been incredibly consistent and commendable for the stuff you do. I would give credit to you always and I%u2019m not making any money off the post I send out anyway. I just want to change things up and find beauty in the day. Email is Chavis.junior03@gmail.com
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