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Recent Comments
Ann from Idaho about 6 days ago said:
Beautiful, Shaina. I'm ready to go there with you !!
rob barrett from minneapolis about 14 days ago said:
breath taking.
Someone from Somewhere about 16 days ago said:
Rob Barrett from Minneapolis about 29 days ago said:
rob Barrett from Minneapolis about 1 month ago said:
What a great shot, how were you so close?
HowieG from New England about 1 month ago said:
So... Where is Squirrel?
Julia from Vancouver about 2 months ago said:
Soul-stirring! Thank you!
Rob Barrett from Minnesota about 2 months ago said:
Wow, impressive
Renee from Nazareth, PA about 3 months ago said:
Great Shot!!! Love the bokeh!
Julia from Vancouver about 3 months ago said:
Stunning! After the storm - rainbows.
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